VSCHOOLZ, Inc. announces partnership with renowned faith–based publisher, Pflaum.

 May 1st, 2012 – Coral Springs, FL – VSCHOOLZ, Inc. announced today that they are partnering with the Peter Li Education Group’s Pflaum, to be able to provide students with stimulating and engaging religion programs.

“All of us at Pflaum are excited and enthusiastic about our partnership with VSCHOOLZ.

We see this digital delivery and use of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation

Program as a giant step into the future. The platform provided by VSCHOOLZ and the

content developed by the authors of the Weeklies will give tens of thousands of Catholic

children a chance to experience a complete, child-friendly, dynamic, and affordable

catechesis in the same interactive ways they experience other subjects,” said Cullen

Schippe, President of the Pflaum Publishing Division of Peter Li Education Group.

“The VSCHOOLZ team is proud to partner with the Peter Li Education Group to bring this customizable and engaging educational material to Catholic children around the world,” said Trina Trimm, Chief Operating Officer at VSCHOOLZ. “In this digital age, it is exciting to have a publisher embrace and incorporate blended classroom learning management technologies into the delivery of their curriculum. The message and lessons to be learned from a study of church and faith are timeless, but are made so much more relevant to today’s digital students when delivered in an interactive, engaging manner. The ability for schools and churches to reach families through web-based and online communities is powerful. ”

About Pflaum

 Published by Pflaum Publishing, the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies offer a complete, affordable, and easy–‐to–‐teach Catholic faith–‐formation program organized around the Sundays, feast days, and religious seasons celebrated by the Church. This “liturgical catechesis” approach actually encourages Mass attendance by synchronizing the liturgy and worship of the church community with the student instruction plan – providing a unique and popular alternative to creed–‐based programs.

The Weeklies provide both a timely and current 32–‐week lesson program coupled with a timeless, non–‐changing and doctrinally complete faith–‐formation handbook “What the Church Believes and Teaches”, which has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Further enrichment is provided through age–‐appropriate activities, musical accompaniment and proven teaching strategies and other tools, which reinforce the lessons. This comprehensive approach allows the Weeklies to be used as the basic religious education program, or if desired, to augment another program.

About VSCHOOLZ, Inc.

VSCHOOLZ was founded by a team of educators to provide e–‐learning solutions for schools or districts that want to support a blended digital learning environment in traditional schools or that want to launch their own virtual programs. As a member of the H. Education family, a H. Wayne Huizenga Holdings company, VSCHOOLZ is able to provide strong levels of support in the depth and breadth of site implementation for schools and districts. Powered by VSCHOOLZ gives schools or districts a fully integrated, customizable classroom management platform that allows teachers to edit, change, remove or adapt high quality content provided to fit their individualized classroom and school needs. All courses come complete with fully customizable interactive and engaging student activities, as well as, supplemental online resources. The lessons are delivered in a safe and user–‐friendly online environment, which incorporates collaborative tools, message boards, digital drop boxes, chat rooms and teacher‐to‐teacher file sharing. This new approach to education caters to the digital learner of all ages.


Contact: Angelina O’Brien