VSCHOOLZ offers an expert team of professionals to help deliver a comprehensive solution to clients leading the way in a competitive environment. Our team of experts employs a thorough methodology to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your staff and workflow. We listen and respond with results.

Some clients may wish for a more detailed consulting services including a requirements analysis, a feasibility study of the requirements, formulating possible solutions, and creating timeline estimation to completion of project solution. A ‘Statement of Work’ will be arrived at, and will need to be approved by both VSCHOOLZ and the client before work can proceed.

A ‘Statement of Work’ lists the requirements to be satisfied, describing the solution, detailing inputs, outputs, forms, reports, etc., describing tasks to be completed by VSCHOOLZ and the client, and quoting the expected time to complete the work.

We get your school up and running and keep it that way.

customer-20serviceIt takes more than great technology and curriculum to build a winning school. That’s why VSCHOOLZ has put so much effort into its implementation and training methodology. Teachers, administrators, and support staff will get everything they need to effectively wield the powerful new tools in their learning arsenal.

At VSCHOOLZ we know a new system requires learning how to get the most from every tool. Our implementation team works with administrators, teachers and staff to ensure everyone understands how to use the tools and feels comfortable with the technology. When you have questions we encourage you to contact our professionally staffed help desk for answers.

We know that new teachers and administrators may be intimidated by such a dramatic change in technology and to help them we’ve created the Virtual Teacher Academy and Virtual Leadership Academy. These academies provide traditional educators with the skills needed to work in a digitally enhanced learning ecosystem.


The Software Implementation Support Team will work with the school’s Administration

Personnel in setting up the client VSCHOOLZ LMS.  In most cases, an export from an existing school system can be imported directly from the export file by our team. 

The areas of focus are:

  • Platform Infrastructure
  • Client Organization
  • Course Portfolio Build
  • School/District Hierarchy
  • Teacher Registration
  • Site Branding
  • Student Registration


The Training Team provides:


  • Maintenance of the course catalog
  • Course scheduling and coordination support
  • Support course development and  instruction



  • Class registration
  • Class roster and evaluation forms
  • Class automated email reminders and completion notices
  • Work collaboratively with Program Managers  to facilitate vendor-provided training (if any)
  • Management of class attendance/transfer/challenge documentation through the training database and records system (once ready)


Training Facilities and Equipment

  • School Training Room
  • Facility reservation (if off-site)
  • A/V/computer equip, flip charts and markers (if any)
  • Assistance in the preparation of course materials for class



  • Web Based Training – Blended Learning Management System
  • Training Program web presence
  • Survey

Support and Help Desk

The Help Desk provides support to all students, parents, faculty and administrative personnel who require assistance in the following areas, but not limited to:

Student login information

  • Navigation through course slides
  • Downloading tests or assignments
  • Transmission of assignments to teachers
  • Communication with teachers/Help Desk via Digital Drop Box
  • Message Board Posting

Virtual Teacher Academy

In partnership with Indian River State College, VSCHOOLZ developed three professional development courses. Through IRSC educators can receive college credit or Continuing Education Credits.

Course 1, titled Introduction to Applications of Technology for Educators contains eight modules that can be done together or independently.

Course 2, titled Intermediate Applications of Technology for Educators

Course 3, Advanced Media for Educators

Virtual Leadership Academy

VSCHOOLZ is able to provide your school an appropriate level of training for all designated staff through a mutually agreed upon process. Experience has shown that every school is different in its requirements for digital classrooms and virtual/on-line learning.  Where the underlying course requests are the same, there may be significant differences in focus and priority.  In order to address these variations, VSCHOOLZ develops its training plans to suit the venue in which it will operate providing up to a week of on-site training supported by a live, 24/7 Help Desk and additional online instruction while under contract.  Each level of face-to-face training takes the customer through actual use and manipulation of all aspects of the platform, with particular emphasis on those components that he/she will spend the most time. In order to accomplish this, VSCHOOLZ creates a unique user platform that will become the infrastructure for the school’s program.  VSCHOOLZ will assist with the pre-populating of student and assessment data and structure initial reports to school specifications.

Initial training of key school staff can occur on site over the course of a week. All required materials and manuals are provided in soft copy for school printing, if desired, as well as an extensive online video library of step-by-step procedures. VSCHOOLZ uses a combination model of on-site and online train-the-trainer methodology.  Through a user-friendly operating system, this approach makes the most sense for schools.  Once teachers experience the ease with which they can deliver, modify and create lessons online, they become empowered to make VSCHOOLZ their own virtual learning environment.

School staff, including curriculum facilitators and special education support, can easily be included in the VSCHOOLZ training scenario.  These individuals will most likely participate in the instructor modules of the training.  This will allow them to review the current course work available and assist potential instructors with recommended modifications.  Through participating alongside the instructors, school support staff can begin to refine and augment online courses before inception.  This collaboration can result in greater emphasis on particular skills or standards, as well as helping to embed specific SPED strategies into the virtual delivery.

The time line for program implementation is flexible and usually determined by school requirements and the availability of targeted staff.  However, professional development can occur within 15 to 30 days of receipt of a signed contract, with a customized school dashboard ready for use by the agreed upon training dates.   For purposes of controlling the cost and ease of expansion throughout the school, a train-the-trainer model has been chosen.  Participating in this training should be both School and school-based administrators along with teachers who will be delivering the virtual instruction at the high school level. Clearly, at least one teacher and preferably two, representing each content area will be necessary (include at least one SPED and ELL teacher).  Priority should be given to those teachers that have previous experience in delivering staff development or coaching, so as to be able to expedite subsequent training opportunities.

The VSCHOOLZ system also delivers and tracks professional development to any staff members using the same LMS and course/lesson authoring tools used for the K-12 courses.

Content Development

Let our talented staff of instructional designers work on your courses!  Our developers come from the ranks of teachers who have realized that they have exceptional talent in developing courseware so they have elected to pursue degrees in instructional design so that they can impact a larger number of students through content they helped to develop that becomes part of master classes taught throughout the world by VSCHOOLZ clients.

If you are considering the development of custom courseware you have a proven partner with VSCHOOLZ that comes fully equipped with the best tools to develop and deploy digital content that engages learners by immersing them in the stories that make learning relevant.


Please contact your sales representative for pricing.  If you do not have a sales representative please contact us at [email protected]